About Media in Bloom

Small, but mighty!

You've got something of value to offer - we’ve got the tools to help you build mutually beneficial relationships with the right people.

Media in Bloom is a boutique San Francisco Bay Area web design studio specializing in strategic WordPress websites, e-commerce solutions and website renovations.  That said, what we’re really about is building your brand, engaging your best prospects and providing them with such a satisfying experience that they complete the action you want them to take. That action could be purchasing products, services or a subscription, booking an appointment, donating to your worthy cause, or simply giving you a call for more information.

Based on your specific needs and budget, we’ll turn your tired, broken or ineffective website into a well-oiled, results-generating machine. Or build a new, high-performance site that lets your light shine. If you need e-commerce, you’ve come to the right place; we’re experienced in the best e-commerce options and will recommend what will work best for you.

Making your life easier & your online business more successful

We believe that technology is an invaluable tool that can enhance and simplify our lives so that we can each focus on what we find most rewarding. We love technology so you don’t have to. Learning about and mastering the latest tools and plugins is just our cup of tea. You’ll work directly with veteran web designer and e-commerce expert Sara Lorien Smith who will make your life easier by guiding you smoothly through the entire web development process, from theme selection to development to training on how to update and administer a WordPress site. (Don’t panic – WordPress is actually easy to administer yourself. It’s just one of the many great things we love about WordPress!)


I’m Sara Lorien Smith, founder and creative director of Media in Bloom


This is where I get to toot my own horn a bit.

First, the raison d'être. I founded Media in Bloom in 2009. After working in technology for 10 years, I realized that there were many businesses and nonprofits in the Bay area with terrific business ideas ─ but without the knowledge to bring their vision to fruition online. I believed that my unique set of skills and experience could really help these organizations grow and thrive. I’m proud of the work I’ve done for my clients, but the best measure of my success, of course, is my clients’ testimonials.

Now some horn tooting about what makes me so good at what I do. I have knack for organizing and streamlining processes, tools and information. I also have an insatiable thirst for understanding how humans think and act, a love of creative arts and design, and a penchant for troubleshooting and problem solving. Working closely with a diverse group of tech start-ups, nonprofits and large enterprises throughout my career, has given me a deep understanding of what organizations need and the formula for online success which I will share with you.

My role as creative director brings together my 19 years of work experience and higher education. I have a background in desktop and systems administration; research in website user design and engineering; and project management. I earned a master’s degree in Human Computer Interaction and a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology with a focus on Digital Communications.

Connecting you with creative talent

Media in Bloom offers web design and development, e-commerce, ux and interaction design, graphic design and branding, copy-writing and content development, social media, and more.  I’d be pulling your leg if I said I did all those myself. I can honestly say that I’m a whiz in web design and development, e-commerce, interaction design and project management.  I’m also well connected in the web development community here. So I have a short list of talented specialists with whom I collaborate and work well with to deliver outstanding results. These folks are vetted, and like me, dedicated to their craft and fun to work with. It will be my pleasure to connect you.

Building community

Because I believe in building community and contributing to the growth of Santa Cruz as an amazing tech hub, I’m an active member of many organizations including the Santa Cruz WordPress meetup, Marketing Roundtable, and the Women's Networking Alliance.   I support the values of the open source community: collaboration, cooperation and open exchange of ideas. When it comes to sharing, I’m not shy about getting up in front of a group; in fact I enjoy sharing my knowledge and insights on web technology. I have spoken at PG&E’s Time for Business, the Santa Cruz Marketing Roundtable, the Aptos Women's Leads Club and the Santa Cruz WordPress meetup. Contact me about speaking to your group about any aspect of interactive websites or how to achieve online business success.

Some personal stuff

When I’m not obsessing about my clients’ websites projects, I’m chasing after my two, energetic young boys and tripping over Legos. In my *limited* free time, I love to read non-fiction and blogs, cook, dabble in various craft projects, sing in choirs and community theater, and go for quiet walks. And oh, how I miss travel - the kind with nice restaurants, quaint shops, interesting museums and historical sites. Now days travel is pretty much Disneyland and Legoland - still fun, but in a different way. I'm a podcast and webinar addict - I love to learn new stuff and I'm always bursting with new ideas. I dream of being the Pioneer Woman - living on a remote piece of land and homeschooling, but still maintaining a career and connectedness to the world through technology and media.


Thanks for listening to my story. Contact me and you can tell me your story.