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Maybe you’re leading a cause on a national or global scale. Or like the majority of non-profits, creating positive impact in smaller ways within your local community. Either way, your website is one of the best ways to tell your story and get others excited about your vision. We’re here to do just that. Using our expertise in design, technology, and marketing, we partner with non-profits and social entrepreneurs looking to grow and achieve greater online success.

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Volunteer Center of Santa Cruz

Selling your cause

Even though your job title probably doesn't include the word "sales", that's exactly what you do if you work for a non-profit. There's a constant dance to get others on board with your mission - the people who fund, volunteer, or otherwise support the work that you do. And like traditional sales people, your success relies on building and nurturing those relationships over the long-term.

We will help you tell your story in a compelling way to educate those new to your cause, and help foster the two-way communication so needed to turn your audience into long-term advocates and supporters.

Unique challenges faced by non-profit websites

Traditional marketing practice says to identify one primary persona (or customer avatar) that represents your target audience. You're supposed to get really detailed about this ideal persona, almost as if they were a real person. And when you write your website copy, you write as if you were writing for that person. Since writing that tries to appeal to everyone tends to be bland and ineffective.

Most non-profit websites, however, can't be targeted to only one persona. Or even two. It's not uncommon to have three or more. Your website may need to be a tool to attract individual and corporate donors, new board members, volunteers, and staff for your organization. All while still educating the people you serve about how your organization can help them. It's a lot of hats to juggle!

We will help you identify who uses your website and why. We can even do user research, interviews, questionnaires, or focus groups to determine the characteristics, interests, and goals for your different constituents. Then we'll use this information to review your website architecture and content to make sure it addresses the needs for each unique persona.

In addition to web design and development, some of our non-profit work has included

  • Website migration from other platforms to WordPress
  • Re-organizing large amounts of content for improved navigation
  • Researching and evaluating fundraising platforms
  • Constituent questionnaires and interviews to determine needs and issues with current website
  • Setting up online donations (including web integration)
  • Creating online sign-ups for volunteers and participants
  • Paid event registration and ticketing
  • Tracking and reporting volunteer hours
  • Social media account setup and integration
  • Closed social network for an organization's volunteers to communicate with each other
  • and more .....